Drainage Repairs

Drainage Repair/Replacement

GEWS Ltd have a trained and experienced civil team that will undertake when required excavation within your garden , drive or highway ( Street work trained with approved certificates) to undertake the repair of the drainage system when found to be necessary either locally or more extensively as determined by CCTV Survey. To include manhole or chamber repair , reconstruction or replacement .

No Dig Drain Repair Technology

With time drains can crack due to ground movement and subsidence, can become damaged by root infiltration and may eventually lead to a total collapse. This can lead to repeated blockages and could even cause an environmental incident. Our trained and experienced CCTV operatives can not only diagnose these problems but can also suggest the most appropriate remedial action. Depending on the extent and nature of the problem, they can suggest a number of different methods of drain repairs that may not necessarily lead to excavating the drain. Our range of no dig technologies can be particularly effective in situations such as under properties or conservatories were excavations would be very costly. With localised non structural defect drains or small cracks or holes in pipes, patch lining can be a useful solution. This technique involves placing a resin coated fibre glass mat over the defective part. Once it is in position, an elongated inflatable bladder is used to fix the patch in place. The bladder pressure is maintained until the resin is cured, then it is removed. The integrity of the repair is checkedĀ  by cctv surveying after completion of the
For any further information on this technique or for a quotation, call us.

Re-Rounding of Pitch Fibre Drainage Pipe

Pitch fibre was considered to be a new cost effective drainage system that sadly has proven to be much less than hoped when installed. It deteriorates and can delaminate and deform easily, particular over time and it is a common fault found that causes blockages where this deformation has occurred. GEWS Ltd can provide a solution to this and where not cost effective to dig up and replace we can re- round and stabilize with a liner (when required) to extend the life span of the drainage system and remove the potential to block .