CCTV Drain Surveying

GEWS Ltd have a range of surveying services .

Following a blockage, it’s quite often necessary to have a CCTV survey carried out to determine the exact cause so the appropriate measure can be taken to avoid further blockages. It may be just a general maintenance issue, were drainage hasn’t been cleaned, or scale and silt deposits form, which require high pressure water jetting to clean. However if the problem is more extensive, then a full report can be generated together with a site plan and photographs of the exact defects along with a comprehensive quotation to carry out the repair work. All our CCTV operators work to OS19X (the industry benchmark) standards. We can even undertake surveys in the remotest of places using a 4X4 vehicle which has been adapted with the CCTV system on board.

The services that we offer:

  • • Look/See survey

This service provides a simple and cost effective diagnosis of any problems, as by using specialist equipment on site, the footage can be observed directly on the screen by the homeowner resulting in having the ability to let you see what we see - we will show and tell you exactly the condition of your drainage system there and then as we are carrying out the survey. Fault and defects, if any, can be observed and recommendations can be discussed on site.

  • • Full CCTV Survey

By carrying out a full CCTV survey, a written report with pictures and figures is automatically produced and will be sent out to the client within 2 working days. The report is accompanied with a copy of the footage on disk so you can see for yourself if there are any faults or defects. The full CCTV survey is carried out to the local water board specification and is usually the type of report that would normally be necessary as video evidence for drainage related insurance claims. If required, a follow up report containing recommendations for repairs can be produced.

  • • Home buyers/sellers survey

Many people buying a new home assume that when a surveyor carries out a full homebuyer or building survey to check the condition of the property, they also cover the drains - but this is not the case! The surveyor only lifts the drain covers to inspect the condition but he cannot be certain of any defects within the drainage system. This is where we can help! Using specialist Drain Survey equipment, we can identify defects at their earliest stages to save your clients money and prevent more work and costs in the future!

Many mortgage companies now request drain surveys from prospective purchasers. Why not make the sale of your home swifter by arranging for a survey to be undertaken and have the information ready to produce to a buyer so as to avoid delays later down the line. Finding out that you have problems with your drains when completion of sale is imminent could delay the purchase, or in worst case, result in the sale falling through.

Where inspection cameras cannot enter the drain, we can test the flow and direction of the drain by means of environmentally friendly coloured dye.