Gully & Catchpit Cleaning (and connecting drainage)

Gullies (linear drainage) take storm water run-off from roads and paved areas, often they become blocked with dead leaves, soil, and other items, preventing the efficient flow of water from the gully grating to the outlet/drain. A blocked gully can lead to serious flooding, accidents and damage to road and paved area surfaces. Gully cleaning removes any debris from the gullies and restores full operation. GEWS Ltd can provide a specialist drain and gully cleaning service to carry out all drain and gully cleaning work; not just the public highway network but for car park or  factory estates.
GEWS Ltd gully cleaning operations are carried out to the highest level; we are currently working with a number of local authorities across Wales and England. GEWS Ltd have a range of vehicles with trained operators and undertake gully and catch pit cleaning, linear drainage (ACO channels/”Beany” kerbs) and inter connecting pipework. All our vehicles have GPS tracking devices to pinpoint every gully and track vehicle movements. We use our own traffic management teams using quad bikes to operate stop & go.

High, Medium & Low volume tankers available