Culvert & below Structure/Bridge Cleansing

GEWS Ltd can utilise the high pressure jetting and vacuumation as a method to cleanse storm water and highway culverts /structures of accumulated silt/gravels and detritus to return the hydraulic capacity to as laid condition.

Where appropriate, particular for older stone built culverts a CCTV survey is carried out to confirm condition and then guide, cleansing by high volume flow as opposed to high pressure. GEWS Ltd can provide a repair service either as confined space entry or dig down and repair or replace. In certain circumstances a lining solution may also be appropriate and we will assist the Client in determining the best whole life solution or “work to budget”.

This method can be also used for below bridges and other structures where access is difficult or working widths restricted to remove accumulated debris and detritus either as part of pre storm works or post flooding events where structures have been compromised by build of silts/gravels carried down by storm/flood flows.