CCTV Drain Surveying

Following a blockage, it’s quite often necessary to have a CCTV survey carried out to determine the exact cause so the appropriate measure can be taken to avoid further blockages. It may be just a general maintenance issue, were drainage hasn’t been cleaned, or scale and silt deposits form, which require high pressure water jetting to clean. However if the problem is more extensive, then a full report can be generated together with a site plan and photographs of the exact defects along with a comprehensive quotation to carry out the repair work.

GEWS Ltd have a comprehensive range of CCTV units that are capable of surveying small diameter drains up to large sewer and culverts (range from 100mm to 1,500mm). We can also provide off road capability with 4x4 as dictated by requirement. With larger diameter, this can include man entry.

All our CCTV operators work to OS19X (the industry benchmark) standards.